If you are going away, pet boarding is a viable option, but there are some things to know before you leave. First, make sure that you prepare pets for the boarder's, including a wellness pet exam from our veterinarian at Grand Park Animal Clinic in Katy before boarding. This can help ensure your pet has the best experience at his or her boarding facility. Here is what owners should know:

Pet Boarding 

When looking at potential boarding facilities, make sure that you do your homework. Ask friends, coworkers, and even our veterinarian for recommendations in terms of specific boarders for your pet. Check out online feedback and reviews. Some other tips when boarding your pet include:

  • Visit the site. Take a tour of the premises. 
  • Look for outdoor pet-friendly features. 
  • Make sure the outdoor areas appear secure. 
  • Ask staff about protocols and the daily agenda for pets.
  • Request a single room so that your pet is not in a small space with an unfamiliar animal.
  • Ask about meals and if you can bring in food for your pet. Let the staff know of any dietary restrictions that your pet has upfront to make sure they can accommodate you. 
  • Many boarders and kennels implement a camera so that you can watch your pet while you are apart. Ask them about this and how to access the footage on your device. 

Also, confirm the hours to ensure you do not arrive home and are unable to pick up your pet. Some will allow off-hour pick-ups with prior arrangements.

Wellness Pet Exams 

It is imperative to have your pet checked out by our veterinarian before boarding. This ensures your pet is healthy but also helps prevent other animals from catching something. Furthermore, make sure that you provide pertinent medical information to the boarding facility before leaving your pet there.

Contact Us for Your Pet's Next Exam in Katy, TX 

When boarding, bring your pet's collar with tags along, too. If your pet has not been microchipped, consider doing it before you leave your pet. The most important step before boarding your pet is making sure he or she is examined by our veterinarian at Grand Park Animal Clinic. We are committed to providing the care pets need to live healthy and happy lives. Learn more about how we can help prepare you and your pet for boarding.