Eye Injuries in Pets

Eye injuries are troublesome. In some ways, dealing with pet eye injuries can be even tougher because your furry friend does not understand how to handle them. Here at Grand Park Animal Clinic, we can help Katy, TX, pet owners effectively manage the eye injuries their beloved companions sustain.

Eye Injuries

What Are the Symptoms of Eye Injuries in Pets?

A veterinarian on our veterinary team can offer treatment for your pet’s eye injury. However, you’ll have to determine that something’s wrong first so you know if you have to bring him in. You can do that by watching out for the symptoms of eye injuries in pets.

One common symptom is an increase in eye discharge. While the presence of eye discharge is not a cause for concern, it is different if there’s a large increase in how much of it is present. Eyes producing a lot of discharge may be a sign you need a veterinarian to get involved.

Cloudy eyes could also be hinting at trouble. Because cloudy eyes can be symptomatic of degenerative eye conditions, they may simply be signs of your pet aging. You should look at those cloudy eyes differently if they appeared after your pet suffered a traumatic injury.

You can also monitor your pet’s behavior to determine if he has an injury of some kind. He may start pawing at his eyes because of how painful they are or he might start bumping into things if he isn’t seeing well. More frequent blinking is also a potential indicator that your pet has an injured eye.

How Does a Veterinarian Treat Eye Injuries?

We will likely start with a pet exam. The pet exam allows the veterinarian to determine the nature of the injury and can allow us to pinpoint the location of the wound and how deep it is. A veterinarian on our team may need that information to provide effective treatment.

Treatment options for eye injuries can be varied. A veterinarian on our veterinary team may prescribe medication in the form of eye drops that you will have to administer at home. Lifestyle changes might also be in order. We may also have to adjust treatment based on how your pet’s eyes respond.

Get a Pet Exam from a Veterinarian Near You for Your Pet’s Eye Injuries

Certain pet eye injuries demand treatment and we at Grand Park Animal Clinic can provide the pet care your animal friend may need. Drop by our location in Katy, TX, so we can determine the specific type of treatment your pet needs. Call us at (281) 392-3127 for a pet exam from a veterinarian near you for your pet’s eye injuries.

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