Senior Pet Wellness

Senior Pet Care Offered By Our Veterinarian in Katy

Senior care for pets comes much quicker than for humans. By the time your animals reach around the age of seven, they are considered a senior. In comparison to humans, a pet's lifespan is extremely short. Health problems and other related symptoms develop more rapidly that can affect your furry friends. Here at Grand Park Animal Clinic, we provide all the necessary preventative measures to ensure our patients receive top-notch senior pet care in Katy, Texas.


You may not realize it, but an owner is regularly observing their pets, especially as they begin to age. You may take note of some small changes in your furry animals’ behavior, such as decreased activity levels, reduced appetite, constipation, or losing their teeth. Our qualified veterinarian will perform a comprehensive examination of your pets to determine a diagnosis for these health-related issues. More importantly, our team will offer solutions to reduce or eliminate discomfort your animals may be experiencing.

What to Expect With Senior Pet Care

Our clinic fully understands that our clients have a concern about the well-being of their pets. During a senior pet exam, we take every measure to ensure your companion animals don’t experience any pain. Along with addressing any of your questions or concerns, here are a few simple tests your veterinarian will perform:

  • Physical exam
  • Check for Heartworms
  • Dental Exam
  • Parasite check
  • Urinalysis

When to Get Wellness Check Done

There isn't a wrong time to have a wellness check done for your furry friends. However, as pets age, we encourage their owners to visit the veterinarian regularly. If you take a proactive approach to your companion pets’ wellness, our veterinarian may be able to detect problems early on before they get worse. Pets are very adept in the ability to hide health conditions. Even if they appear to be in perfect health, there may be underlying issues that only a veterinarian can identify. Older pets will also have a more difficult time fighting off health problems because their immune system starts to weaken.

Don’t Delay Senior Pet Care

Having patience is required for owning any pet, but it becomes more critical with older pets. You may find your pet having an accident inside the house, more difficulty walking or seeing, and having more anxiety. All of these are normal as they get older. Grand Park Animal Clinic in Katy, TX, is here to make sure your beloved animals live their golden years in comfort. Call us today at (281) 392-3127 for a pet exam.

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