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It is no surprise that many of us view our pets as members of the family. They are cherished furry family members that bring joy to our lives, which makes sense that we only want the best for our pets. If you are in the Katy, TX, area, what better way to make sure your pet gets the best care than taking it to Grand Park Animal Clinic.

Grand Park Animal Clinic is a full-service animal hospital that is dedicated to helping you maintain or improve your pet’s health. With the latest veterinary technology and methods, we can help your beloved animal live life to the fullest.

Veterinary Services Offered by Our Katy, TX Veterinarian

Veterinary Services in Katy

At Grand Park Animal Clinic, we offer an array of veterinary services, including:

  • Diagnostics: With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can find underlying causes to your pet’s ill symptoms.
  • Wellness Visits: These visits include a veterinarian checking for abnormalities in the body, administrating vaccines if they are due, and going over recommendations with you to keep your pet healthy.
  • Surgeries: From spay and neuter surgery to orthopedic surgery, our veterinarian is trained and experienced to perform various types of surgeries.
  • Allergy Treatments: Like humans, pets can also suffer from a wide range of allergies and symptoms. We can find what is causing these problems and develop a treatment plan to ensure they do not keep triggering annoying symptoms.
  • Microchipping: This service helps pet owners find their lost animals and is the best solution than using tags or collars.
  • Ear Trims: Ear trims are a unique service that not many animal hospitals offer. Ear trimming assists with reducing ear infections, and at times, improve hearing. Call our veterinarian for more information about ear trimming.
  • Grooming: Grooming is more than keeping your pet clean. It also aids your pet from contracting harmful parasites. Call us to schedule a grooming session for your animal.
  • Boarding: Sometimes, we need to take a little vacation. Although we would like to take our pets with us when vacationing, it is not always possible. Instead of trusting your pet to friends or family members, rely on us to provide quality care for it while you are gone.
  • Dentistry: Keeping your pet’s teeth clean and healthy has the same benefits when you visit your dentist. If your animal has not seen a veterinarian for a teeth cleaning, make an appointment with us today.

Choose Us for All Vet Care Needs

If you are in Katy, TX, choose us for all of your pet’s vet care needs. Here at Grand Park Animal Clinic, we use cutting-edge technology to solve many pet problems, and we use high-quality veterinary medicine to improve the welfare of pets.

For more information about our services, you can reach us through our website or contact us at (281) 392-3127

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