Pet Medical Services at Grand Park Animal Clinic

Here at Grand Park Animal Clinic in Katy, TX, our veterinary team is prepared to help you with a number of pet services of the medical nature ranging from preventive checkups to minor surgeries. We offer digital radiography at our facility to ensure the most accurate diagnosis for your pet so that we can give any necessary treatments right away. Here are a few pet medical services that we provide.

Veterinary Services Offered by Our Katy, TX Veterinarian 

Routine Veterinary Examinations

Pets should receive an annual wellness exams so that our veterinarian can perform a physical evaluation to ensure your pet is healthy. During these exams, our vet carefully performs a visual inspection, takes vital signs, and feels around the animal’s major organs and limbs for any signs of problems. We can also perform more extensive examinations to check for any internal issues, such as tumor.

Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinations have the ability to help prevent your pet from contracting a number of diseases and health problems. Currently, both dogs and cats in Texas are required to have a current rabies vaccine and must file documentation with Harris County authorities. Our experienced veterinarian can help you decide which vaccinations are best for your pet.

Teeth Cleaning and Dental Services

At Grand Park Animal Clinic, we offer a full array of dental services for pets. If your pet develops a cavity, breaks a tooth, suffers from gum disease, or has other oral issues, our Katy veterinarian can help resolve such issues. We offer regular cleanings that can help prevent the decline of oral health and we offer a safe, fully monitored anesthesia that keep pets comfortable during cleanings and other dental care.

Pet Surgeries

Our most common pet surgery here at our animal clinic is spaying and neutering of cats and dogs to help reduce the pet population. This is a quick, in-office procedure after which pets can generally return home the same day. We also can assist with other pet surgical procedures and offer K-laser therapy to promote faster healing. Ear trimming services are also available, which may be desirable for certain dog breeds, for those who suffer from chronic ear infections, or have certain types of hearing loss. We can help determine if this is a suitable or necessary option for your pet.

Contact Us for All Your Medical Pet Services in Katy, TX

Our veterinary team looks forward to making you and your pets a part of our caring family, so contact Grand Park Animal Clinic in Katy, TX today at 281-392-3127. We also offer many non-medical pet services, including boarding, grooming, and microchipping.

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