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If you're considering getting your dog's ears trimmed, then set up an appointment with our veterinarian at Grand Park Animal Clinic to find out if your dog is a good candidate for the procedure. We are experienced in ear trimming and other pet surgeries, so your pet will be in the best care. We serve the pets of Katy and the surrounding areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ear Trimming 

  • Why Do Some Dogs Get Their Ears Cropped? There are many reasons people choose to have their pet's ears cropped. The main reason is that it is an American Kennel Club standard for certain breeds. If one would want to show their dog, or sell AKC papered puppies of a certain breed then trimming the ears is standard procedure to showcase a certain appearance. Physical or medical reasons include a reduction in ear infections, in certain breeds, and the ability to improve hearing in some cases. Some people also have guard dogs ear's clipped because they do look more formidable after the procedure, and if a guard or police dog looks intimidating it may reduce actually needing to have an altercation. 
  • How Long Does the Ear Trimming Procedure Take? It does not take too long, but your dog will need to be put under anesthesia during the procedure. The ear cropping is typically done when the puppy is between 8-12 weeks. It is important to know that even after the fast procedure is over, the event is not. After your dog goes home you must keep him calm, keep his dressings on, and keep the ears in the shape within the bandage that we put them in. Aftercare is as vital as any other part of the procedure. 
  • Is Ear Trimming Right For My Dog?  This is a personal decision you should make based on your dog's needs and breed preference, in conjunction with a serious discussion with your vet. Some working breeds, guard dogs, and long-eared breeds may stand to benefit from ear trimming. And some show dogs need it to be shown. However, there is no clear yes or no answer. It is rarely a required medical procedure, but in some cases, it can make your pup more comfortable. 

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