Pet Wellness Exams

Grand Park Animal Clinic Offers Pet Wellness Exams

Wellness care for pets is a concept that is much like your own physical exam. These exams are so important for furry friends because they provide essential preventative care that your pets will need at every stage of life. Our veterinarian at Grand Park Animal Clinic is happy to offer this service for the residents of Katy and surrounding areas because we know how important your pets’ health is to you.

Grand Park Animal Clinic Offers Pet Wellness Exams

Understanding Wellness Care

Many pet owners’ inclination is to only bring their animals to the vet when their furry pets are sick. A wellness visit can help with that, avoid occasions of diseases, and maintain good health. A physical exam can also let our veterinarian know how well your beloved animal is developing, monitor important health considerations like weight, and provide preventative measures so that he or she can be in optimum condition

What Happens During A Wellness Exam?

Our vet will weigh your pet, take his or her temperature, and listen to the heart and lungs. Examination of the eyes, ears, mouth, and teeth will be assessed as well. Our doctor will check for skin conditions, such as swelling, redness, and bumps, and any parasites on the coat. During the exam, our veterinarian may ask you a number of questions about your pet’s food, exercise habits, and normal behavior. Finally, our doctor may take a blood and fecal sample to ensure your animal’s internal organs are functioning normally.

Your Veterinarian is Your Partner in Maintaining Your Pets’ Health

A physical examination not only allow our veterinarian to get to know your furry animal’s condition in detail, but also provides an opportunity for you to have questions answered and discuss specific issues of pet care. Your vet in Katy can also inform you about new products and techniques that can help you provide the best care possible for your pet.

Make Grand Park Animal Clinic Your Veterinarian in Katy, TX

Our veterinary team at Grand Park Animal Clinic is passionate about caring for animals and use their years of experience to provide quality pet care for patients in Katy and nearby communities. We offer a variety of vet care services to help maintain optimal health for your beloved pets. To find out more about this exceptional vet care service, or to make an appointment for your furry friends, call us at (281) 392-3127.

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