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Many pets in Texas end up in animal shelters or with rescue groups. Overpopulation is a big part of the reason why this happens. Spaying and neutering services give you a great way to avoid contributing to this problem while also keeping your pet healthy. At Grand Park Animal Clinic in Katy, TX, we offer spaying and neutering procedures. Our veterinarians, Dr. Janet Bowen and Dr. Ilonna Brown, provide these services, pet exams, and other kinds of care.

Spay n neuter

What to Expect from Spaying and Neutering

These procedures involve removing the testes in male pets or the ovaries and uterus in female pets. This soft tissue surgery is safe and effective for stopping pets from reproducing. Spaying female pets can be more complex since it involves a larger incision to remove internal organs. Neutering male pets requires a smaller incision.

Both types of procedures are incredibly common. Our veterinary team will let you know how to prepare your pet for this type of surgery. We will also give you instructions on caring for the incision and making sure your pet heals properly, such as keeping your pet from scratching or licking the wound so it can heal.

Benefits of Spay and Neuter Surgery for Pets

You might not be planning to breed your pets, but accidents can happen. Your pets might get loose and roam around your neighborhood. This kind of surgery helps prevent your pets from reproducing and adding to the pet overpopulation problem.

Spaying and neutering offers other benefits as well. Pets who have had their reproductive organs removed tend to have a lower risk of becoming aggressive or developing behavioral problems. These procedures also help reduce the risk of potentially serious health problems in pets, such as urinary tract infections and some types of cancers. Dogs and cats who have been spayed or neutered have lower rates of cancers that affect the testes, ovaries, and mammary glands.

Contact Our Veterinarian in Katy, TX, for Spay and Neuter Services

If you are thinking of keeping your pets healthy and do not want to worry about them reproducing, be sure to contact us at Grand Park Animal Clinic in Katy, TX, to set up an appointment with our veterinarians. We will make sure this procedure is done safely and that you have all the information you need on the recovery process. We also perform pet exams and other services as needed, so give us a call at (281) 392-3127 and schedule a visit.

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