Vaccines Your Pets Need

At Grand Park Animal Clinic in Katy, we know how much all of our clients love their pets. One of the best ways of proving that love is to make sure your four-legged family members receive its full course of immunizations.


Why Are They Important?

Vaccinations save lives and keep pets in optimal health for as long as possible. In addition, some of these vaccines are mandatory in the state of Texas. Vaccines can only improve the lives of pets. The way they work is by mildly stimulating an animal’s immune system so that he or she can have a strong resistance against serious and even fatal illnesses and diseases.

What Are the Types of Vaccinations My Pets Need?

Immunizations are given based on your pets’ medical history, lifestyle, and age. A vaccination shot schedule can be made for your animals provided by our veterinary team. Below are some illnesses your companion animals need to be vaccinated for.


Rabies: There is no more life-threatening illness than the rabies. Rabies is always fatal, and can be contracted by any contact with an infected wild animal. With the rabies vaccine, the threat of contracting this deadly disease disappears.

Distemper: This is an airborne illness that’s relatively easy to catch and can cause serious disability to your pets, including permanent brain damage. Like rabies, distemper is a threat to both dogs and cats.


Adenovirus Type 1: This is one form of hepatitis that can be contracted by dogs. This virus causes severe liver damage, and is often fatal.

Adenovirus Type 2: This condition is also called kennel cough because of how it is contracted. Your pets can get adenovirus type 2 in places where there is large amount of dogs staying, such as boarding and daycare facilities.

Parvovirus: This usually fatal canine viral infection is highly contagious, causing severe vomiting and bloody diarrhea.


Herpesvirus: Simply referred to as FVR, is a contagious virus that takes the form of a serious upper respiratory medical condition in cats.

Calicivirus: This is another serious respiratory condition suffered by cats. Calicivirus can cause severe joint pain, gruesome mouth ulcers, extreme weight loss, and physical discomfort.

Schedule A Vaccination Appointment for Your Beloved Pets Today

Don’t waste another minute. Schedule your pets’ vaccinations today at Grand Park Animal Clinic in Katy. Your veterinarian can explain all of the vaccines your animals will need. Call our animal hospital at (281) 392-3127, and let our veterinary team do all they can to help extend the life, health, and happiness of your pets.

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