Spay and Neuter FAQs

We at Grand Park Animal Clinic, your veterinarian in Katy, TX, want pet owners to be fully informed about how to best care for their furry family members. One of the essential points of care for cats and dogs is a spay or neuter procedure. Here, we provide answers for a few common questions regarding these surgical procedures. You're always welcome to contact our office for more information.

Spay and Neuter FAQs

Why Is a Spay/Neuter an Important Pet Surgery?

Spaying (removing the ovaries and/or uterus in female cats or dogs) and neutering (removing the testes in males) help prevent unwanted litters and animal overpopulation in the community.

It goes beyond that, however. Spay/neuter procedures may also prolong the life of your pet by reducing the risk of certain cancers. It can also enhance your pet's quality of life by addressing certain behavioral issues like territory marking, heat cycles, and aggression.

How Long Is Pet Surgery Recovery from a Spay/Neuter?

Your pet will be tired for the first 24 to 48 hours. After that, males take about a week to 10 days to fully heal and females take a similar amount of time.

What Care Will My Pet Need after Leaving the Animal Hospital?

After any surgical procedure, our vet team will explain how to care for your pet, including when and how much to feed and water him, his temperament after anesthesia, and wound care. A cone or Elizabethan collar may be required to prevent your pet from licking or biting at the wound. Restricting activities, such as hyperactive play, jumping, and running, may be recommended. If you ever have any questions, you can contact a veterinarian in Katy, TX, on our team.

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