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How to Prepare For Your First Road Trip With Your Pet

How to Prepare For Your First Pet Road Trip

Traveling with your pet for the first time can be a little overwhelming but your trip will go much smoother with a little planning and preparation. If you are about to hit the road to do some traveling and you want to bring along your pet, there are a few things you will want to consider before embarking on your journey. The veterinarians at Grand Park Animal Clinic in Katy offer several travel tips for keeping you and your pet safe and happy during your trip.

Bag It Correctly for Your Pet Road Trips

It is important to have any essential items you need for your pet in your vehicle before you begin your trip on the open road. One must-have item is a water bowl and of course a bottle of water to pour into it. Your dog or cat should have a leash handy for pit stops at roadside rest stops along with their collars with identification tags, just in case. You should also keep a few waste bags in your car or truck for cleaning up after your pet and any medications your pet is on at the time of travel. It doesn’t hurt to throw an old blanket or other pet bedding in the vehicle as well.

Plan Ahead for Lodging

Another travel tip is to be sure to map out the route you will be taking and locate all of the hotels and motels along the way that are pet-friendly and economical. Book rooms ahead of time when possible so that you are not left sleeping in your car with your pets if the only motel that allows pets is full for the night.

Safety First for your Pets

Our veterinarians recommend you don’t travel with your animal in the front seat with you or allow them to stick their heads out the window. If you are able to, place your pet in a safety harness designed for their size while keeping them safe in the vehicle. They should be belted in the backseat where they will remain safe and sound if you have to stop suddenly.

Dine at Pet-Friendly restaurants

Map out the locations of pet-friendly restaurants ahead of time so that you will have a place to go to eat decent food while your pet gets a break from riding in the vehicle. Be sure to take your pet on a brisk walk beforehand so they are calm while dining.

Fun Tip for a Fun Trip

Keep your phone and tablet charged so you can take cute photos of your pet while you are on your trip. You’ll probably want to share them with your friends on social media and to keep those precious memories of a great trip!

When you and your furry friend get back home from your adventure, consider booking an appointment with us at the Grand Park Animal Clinic in Katy. We have been providing the pet community with quality veterinary care since 1995. From all of us here, we hope you have a safe and fun pet road trip.

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